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House Of Ignotus is a first person psychological horror game where players are required to explore the  mansion and solve puzzles in order to uncover the mystery behind the missing professor.

The game was developed by 10 students who are taking Game Development Course in KDU University College, Malays

Patch Note

House of Ignotus Remastered Version 1.0.1

Bug Fix

Fix a bug where piano key can't be return

Rework heartbeat mini game

Aesthetic Improvement and Fixes

Fix holes in wall in the first floor.

Fix violin bow's string render issue.

Replace floor's normal map.

Disable shadow for the props while holding them but enable back when they are throw away.

Use subsurface scattering technique to make paper material react to light when backlid.


Refactor candlestick and lighter blueprint


House of Ignotus Remastered Version 1.0.0

Aesthetic Improvement

High-dynamic-range imaging (HDR), Volumetric fog,  Exterior cube mapping, Light-mass portals are added.

Audio Enhancement 

More varieties have been added on reverbs, footsteps sound effect, music and others.

New Lighting

Fine-tuned lighting on the connection of light temperature, physics-based rendering (PBR) textures, translucent materials, and emissive materials.


Reduced computational time by using instanced static meshes and materials.

Refactored the lighting system's interaction with the presence of the entity.

Miscellaneous fixes

Removed obsolete assets and contents to reduce package size slightly.

Compressed grayscale textures into one combined texture to decrease package size and load time.

Removed the outdated portal effect that caused severe lags.

Refactored functions with unnecessary heavy Game Tick usage.

Fixed light leaking issues on some sections of the Mansion.

Fixed translucent materials rendering incorrectly inside the fog.

Fixed some meshes having noticeable backfaces at the bottom of the mesh.

Adjusted brightness threshold for the new lighting settings.

Updated splash images on transitioning screen.


House Of Ignotus.7z 789 MB

Development log


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Really well done! I loved it! hope to see more from all of you! thank you for sharing your art!

Hi there! Thanks for trying out our game, we really appreciate your time and feedback!